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The Homograph

Digital and Hand Drawing Recording
Interactive Installation
2017 - 2016

We all move in different spaces and make unique journeys. Our memories are formed by the paths we take creating unique constellations.

And while some spaces might appear identical, they are never the same for different people...It’s our inner selves, stories and affinities that transform these places and objects to our own personal voyages and constellations through the splendid interactions we – humans – make with these seemingly normal yet- in reality- ingenious spaces.

This concept started in my mind when I was a 9 year old girl climbing up the stairs to our home on the 6th oor, always peeking inside all the other identical ats across the different oors...same layout, yet, never the same... they had different smells, colors, sounds and stories that crashed through my senses giving me an entirely different consciousness towards each of them. And

by time, I discovered the word “Homograph”, meaning words that have the same spelling with an entirely different meaning.

This idea accompanied me through my life and explorations as an artist, and further developed after the passing away of my father and trying to relive my constellations of memories with him in the different places that from the moment he left will always feel different.

Layout of the Museum of Contemporary Art Athens (2017)

Layout of the home of my childhood on the 6th floor (2016)

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