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    ︎︎︎ 1985
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    ︎︎︎ The Bathroom Trip
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Wire, Thread and Shoe
Sculptural Installation

Searching for wings I know I have....wings buried under the dust in the air, the fear of the unknown, the greed of success and the lust of wanting to be.

Will I be able to free my heart, mind and soul? Will I be able to build my wings and get out of my cocoon? I see light, but how can I release myself? And When? And where to? When will I be satisfied with the result? Is it really my destiny? Where is my land? Is it land? Or maybe and ocean wave or a cloud? How can I build my wings when my shoulders are already full and tied up? I see the light....I see the green field...the blue endless sky.....I see it all....yet I am inside....will soon break through and go to places beyond my imagination....I believe I can...

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