42 Bahgat Ali
       The Bathroom Trip
       Homage to Some Beautiful Things
       The Homograph


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Reviews and Press Coverage

Hub Pages, English, February.

Al Ahram Hebdo, French, December.
Al Ahram Online, English, December.
Misr Al Mahrousa, Arabic, December.
Al Ahram Gate, Arabic, December.
Aranzad Creative Hub (video), Arabic, November.
Watani Net Online News, Arabic, November.
Sora Live Online New, Arabic, November.
DMC Channel (video), Arabic, February.

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ON Live TV Channel (video), Arabic, July.
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Al Qahera Newspaper, Arabic.
El Ahram Hebdo, Arabic, May.
7 Ayam Magazine, Arabic, May.

Al Ahaly Newspaper, Arabic, May. (video of the voice narration from writer)

General Interviews

Love & Lobby Platfrom, English, June.

Sadeem Studio (video), Arabic, May.
DMC TV Channel (video), Arabic, February.